A new begining

He stepped onto the wooden walkway that wound it’s way through the marshland, eventually leading to the viewing point and the sailing lake. He had made this walk several times recently, it gave him time and the quiet surroundings to collect his thoughts.

The latest thoughts on his mind where about his pregnant teenage daughter. How would she cope with a baby on her own? She had him of course, and her mother who she currently lived with but even so, bringing up a child was not easy for a couple to do let alone a teenage mother on her own.

Would she be ready? To late to be asking himself that question. She had made up her mind that she was ready to take on this life changing and life giving role.

What would his role be? That was a question that played on him. Where would he stand in this childs life? He knew that his daughter loved him and would want and perhaps need his help but he was divorced from her mother and they lived two seperate lives, it was not like they could offer a joint support package to her. It would be two seperate packages of love and support, both with differeing views and points of view.

The sun broke through the early morning mist surrounding him, it would be another warm day, maybe even warmer than previous days. He could not see the sky properly but he knew it would be cloudless above the mist.

What would his daughter want from him? Would he be just a babysitter for when she wanted to go out into the city where he lived? Would he get to know his grandchild in the way he always hoped he would? He had hoped that his daughter would have seen a bit more of life, been places, experienced different things but she had chosen her own path. He was not upset by her choices, he just wished she had taken her time.

His daughter had been for her twenty one week scan and had hoped to have baby sexed. Against all expectations baby did not want to be sexed and covered itself with it’s feet. He was hoping for a grandson but he would have to wait another eight weeks, maybe then the baby would allow itself to be sexed otherwise the day of birth bring an extra edge of excitement. If he was honest with himself, he did not really care about the sex of his grandchild, so long as it was healthy, who really cares?

He had reached the viewing point. A few benches had been built into the walkway to offer a good vantage point whilst you watched the action on the sailing lake. This morning there was just one rower out on the lake, taking things easy by the look of it. The sun had cleared most of the mist from the lake so he had a clear view across it but the mist clung on in the marshland around him.

He thought about the father of his grandchild. He had left his daughter soon after she had announced that she was pregnant. From his point of view he could not understand this, how could you just dump the mother of your child? He had been elated when he had found out he was going to be a father, both times in fact! He knew he had been in a solid relationship at the time though, they had been together for four years, teenage romances seem to last no time at all or if they do there always seems to be fights and fallings out. Coming to terms with the fact that his daughter was not going to get any real support from the father bothered him more than his daughter being pregnant.

He wondered what the father of the child was thinking now? How does he feel knowing that he is going to be the father of a child he will barely know? He knows he would have hated to be in that situation himself.

He stood up ready to return the way he had come. He had been through much in his life and overall he felt quite lucky to be living the life he was living. He had had caring parents and family. He had two children he was extremely proud of. His life now was in the main good and he had someone in his life that cared about him. All he had to do now was wait for this new adventure to arrive and become a part of his life.

©2014 Trevor Litchfield

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