The depression I suffer continues unabated, in fact it’s even worse since I had a heart attack in late May. It has become debilitating to the point where I cannot work or function in many day to day situations. It reached boiling point for me a couple of weeks ago when I overdosed and ended up in hospital for 30 hours. Not the best moments in my life! Thank goodness I have someone in my life that cares for the person behind this depression, without her I don’t know where I’d be.


The one thing I seem to be able to do is read. In the early summer I treated myself to and Android tablet PC and although it is useful for many other things I mainly use the kindle and library software to download (loan) and read books on it. I love printed books but since I’ve owned this tablet PC I seem to read avariciously, which I guess is a good thing.


The wine and beer making continues, I currently have some rose wine fermenting which I hope will be drinkable at Christmas. It came in kit form and says it should be ready to drink in 2 months which should be just right for Christmas. I’m also about to start my beer brewing for Christmas, I’m brewing one of the better ales on the market because the holidays deserve something a bit better than usual.



Because I Can!

Just for the sheer hell of it, the image I’ve used today is one I took several years ago (in fact 11 years ago according to the date stamp on the photo!). It was taken along the Norfolk coast at Winterton-On-Sea and the buildings you can see are those found at Hermanus Holidays. I’ve always loved the look of this place but have yet to sample the type of holiday they have to offer………one day perhaps.

I love the Norfolk coastline and have spent many a happy afternoon (any season) walking the long stretches of sandy beach that are there just for the walking behind the dunes.

I have decided to make use of my Paper.Li account once again, this ‘publication’ features items from all the people I follow on twitter, so if I follow you and you post a link to a webpage or news item on twitter, you might find yourself mentioned in this ‘publication’. It is called ‘My World Tonight‘ (permanent link in ‘Other Cyberspaces in column on right) and is mainly for my own gratification as I often find it hard to keep up with everything everyone tweets. This way I have a handy ‘website’ with everything in one neat little package. Of course you are welcome to read it any time you desire. It is updated daily at around 18:00 GMT and you are also welcome to subscribe to it if you really feel the need.

I came across an new find in the magazine section of my local news agents yesterday evening. I’m always on the look out for something worth my money and most times come away disappointed at what is on offer. Yesterday I found a copy of Inter Zone, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy mag that features short stories from both established and new authors. Not that I’ll be sending anything to them but to find a mag that is highly readable, has no or very little advertising, is packed full of news and features, book reviews, film reviews, DVD/Blu Ray reviews, some truly excellent fantasy art and of course the aforementioned short stories, all for less that £5 is in my book, excellent value for money! The only downside is that it is published only bi-monthly but then it will give me time to fully digest everything within and maybe even find myself in Waterstones purchasing the odd recommended read!

Inter Zone is printed and published in the UK by TTA Press and is available worldwide by mail order from their website, I imagine it is available in the USA in larger magazine sellers. They also publish a bi-monthly horror mag plus other offerings depending on what you enjoy reading.
Their website is you are interested in finding out more about what they offer.

Inter Zone Nov-Dec 2011 Issue 237

Inter Zone Nov-Dec 2011 Issue 237

A Good Day

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Finally, after too many months away from it I’m back volunteering in the Oxfam Bookshop here in Norwich! It was great to be back in there helping out once again. This morning I was with one of the regulars and although he had been volunteering in the shop over a year I met for the first time a working man that also volunteers a few hours as and when he can. There was a lot of talk, catching up on everyone’s news, me getting to grips with the changes made in the shop but amazingly I remembered how to use the till! Hopefully I’ve also sorted things so that I can do my work placement at this shop, this will ease my conscience no end. It also appears that because I’ve set something up in place of that placement at the supermarket last week by myself, there will be no consequences to follow after I walked out. Good News! 🙂

One of the longer conversations we had this morning between customers is whether our families were takers of photographs on holidays or collectors of postcards. We weren’t talking about now but rather of the past, especially our grandparents. It appears one of the volunteers is a collector of postcards which all started when his family used to buy postcards of holiday destinations whilst on holiday rather than carry a camera and take photos. Mine on the other hand had embraced the then new craze and took photos.

He was saying how precious his postcard collection had become to him over the years and that he had carried on the tradition of always buying



postcards where ever he went. On the other hand I had loads of old family photos of day trips and holidays and even now I’m a keen togger and take photos of everything when I have the chance. As you can imagine my photos are precious to me. It’s strange how our history shapes us in certain ways, even after all this time.

So, bookshop once again and all that temptation! There is a collectable boxed set of E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s Skylark series of books in the display cabinet at the moment and to say I wish I had the £20 to buy the set is an understatement. The set is in lovely condition and it would make a marvellous addition to my small but growing collection. I say growing because over the years I’ve let a lot of my books go and now I’ve only really myself to please I intend to have a serious collection once again. In time I’d like to have something akin to a reading room but for now some nice shelving with some of my favourite books to decorate said shelving. Of course there would also be plenty of read/unread books as I don’t intend to have them there looking pretty, books are there to be read, not admired.

Back In The Saddle

Snow outside my sisters cottage

Over a week since I last sat and did this! I have to admit it felt odd not writing daily, now it feels odd to be sat here writing again. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by and had a read, seems I have more readers than comment leavers but that’s fine, I’m just pleased you drop by and have a read of the stuff I write.

The holidays were a real mix of emotions and illness, it was great to see my sister once again but we all got colds or other viruses that left the actual day pretty lame. I had a cold when we travelled last Wednesday, my sister warned me she also had a cold. On the coach journey over to Pembrokeshire it seemed as if everyone else had colds as well so by the time we arrived in Carmarthen it felt like we were covered in germs, not nice!

The final thirty miles or so soon became arduous as there was deep lying snow everywhere with the taxi we were travelling in finally giving up on getting us to my sisters two miles short of her cottage. My daughter and I had to walk those last couple of miles. It was a beautiful star laden moonlit night as we walked through drift filled country lanes but it was a walk I could have done without. I don’t blame the taxi driver, only farm vehicles and the odd Land Rover could actually drive up these lanes, my sisters Land Rover was one of those unable to get out onto the road due to the position of her cottage. Still we arrived in reasonable time and we all sat warming ourselves around her Rayburn.

More snow and view of the forest

The rest of the holidays were as already described, much of a non event though as always it was great to just sit and chat even if we were warming ourselves with cold remedies rather than whiskey or other much preferable drinks.

We arrived back in Norwich late Wednesday evening heading straight to bed after the long coach journey home. Thursday was also a long day as I had loads of paperwork to sort in readiness for our move to our new flat. I also measured up the bedrooms to get some prices on carpets plus did a bit of window shopping in charity furniture shops whilst thinking how expensive washing machines really are!

On to today then! I had already written something in readiness for today but decided it was time to hit the keys once again, below is part of what I had written and I’m pleased to say that I can already put a line through one of my resolutions as I already have the keys to our new flat which I hope to start decorating in the very near future.

Like the rest of the world I guess I will be making a few New Year Resolutions. I’m not going to be promising myself anything that I cannot or have no wish to do like quit smoking or drinking but here are some ‘dreams’ that I have for the coming 365 days.

  • To have a better year than the one just departed, though to be honest 2010 was a much better year than I ever expected it to be
  • Find somewhere bigger to live. I really do need a bigger flat or house, somewhere near the coast would be nice
  • Find permanent employment
  • Make some new friends. Since I moved to Norwich I’ve met a few people that I think will remain good friends, I’d just like to meet a few more.

Not much to ask for and I think the only one I will struggle with is the one about finding employment, after all it’s over two years since I last had a job and nothing looks to be changing in a hurry.

Have a peaceful 2011 and enjoy any party you might attend this evening

Talking Dog

365 x10 Two Lovers Entwined, I'm Passing By

Image by David Masters via Flickr

“Come on, get up you lazy git!”
I can hear the voice but I must be dreaming it, I really must stop drinking before I go to bed!
“Look, come on, we have important business today”.
I open my eyes, roll over as if to get out of bed, it’s then that I notice my Jack Russell dog sitting on my briefcase. He has an odd look to him but then, like me, he is not a morning lover.
“Will you hurry up, you need to have a shower before we go”.
Now I am looking him square in the muzzle! He sits on the briefcase looking at me as if what he was saying; doing, was the most normal thing for a five year old Jack Russell to do, which is tell his  master to get out of bed and  get in the shower.
“Jeez, it’s early!” I mutter under my breath as I look at the alarm clock “I’m not getting up just yet”.
“You won’t be going to work today mate! We have important business to attend to. Get in that shower, NOW!”
“Are you really talking to me?”
I’m now beginning to understand this dream, talk to my dog and I’ll wake up with the alarm going and things will be just fine.
“Yes, I am really talking to you and no this is not a dream. Get in that shower”
I see the dogs jaws move as the words come forth. What the hell?
I get up anyway, I might as well follow the dream and see where it takes me. I go to the bathroom and get showered.

As I get dressed, my Jack Russell comes trotting into the bedroom, he has his brush in his mouth. I know in real life there is no way he can get to his brush so now I know I can safely follow this through and wake up in what is my rather humdrum reality in due course.
“Brush me, I need to look my best as well you know”.
“This is a first, you hate getting brushed”.
I am really up for this dream now and wondering where it is going to take me.
I brush the dog, finish getting dressed and stand starring into the wall mirror admiring this odd looking pair smiling back at me. Yes the dog seems to be smiling.
“As I’m not going to work today, where are we going?” I ask
“You are taking me for a walk down the park”
“Which park?” There are three parks within easy walking distance of my flat, all of which I walk my dog in regularly
“The one with the stream”

We walk the mile and a bit to the park. It is a lot earlier than I would normally take him for a walk. In fact we see no one apart from a milkman doing his rounds.
“Now what”? I ask
“You’ll see”
I start to walk by the stream as I often do when we come to this park when I hear a dog barking. I look up to see my dog running towards another Jack Russell, in the distance I can see another walker who I assume is the other dogs owner.
I watch the two dogs play, my dog never plays but he is behaving like a puppy with this strange, new dog.
“Hello” I hear a soft female voice behind me. It is the other dog walker.
“Good morning” I reply
“My dog woke me and spoke to me this morning” The lady dog walker looked as confused as I had felt an hour ago.
“So did mine but I know this is a dream and I’ll soon wake up” I say, trying to sound convincing, the dream like state is not feeling quite so comfortable now, In fact I begin to wish that I am not dreaming at all.
“What did your dog say to you?”
“He said we had important business to attend to” I reply
“So did mine”
I look into the ladies eyes as she looked into mine.
The dogs come running towards us, still playing and tumbling as they arrive at our feet. My dog looks up at me and says
“I told you we both had important business this morning”

©2010 Trevor Litchfield
Creative Commons Licence
”Talking Dog” by Trevor Litchfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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