27 Club

27 Club – Wikipedia.

I find this coincidence quite morbid, the loss of such talented people at such a young age.
They live on forever in their music. May their souls party on.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin (January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970)

Self destruction seems a part of life,
the desire to flee this one chance on earth.
We all have talents hidden within us,
discovering our talents is the key.
Yet discovery is not enough for some,
they feel there is more in another place.
We cannot pretend to understand
the thought process of the gifted.
Sadly there are some that leave us early,
gifting us with their legacy to enjoy.
Moribund is the author sitting here,
attempting to understand the why.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

Their candles burned so bright,
their light extinguished to soon.
We now live in their shadow,
attempting to relight the flame.

I think Sir Elton John might be the the inspiration for this last piece, a misquote from his song “Candle In The Wind



The appointed time had arrived,
I stood waiting.
Would I recognise you from the photo,
people passed by.
There you were, walking towards me,
not recognising me.
My photo must either be very bad,
or not representative.

Holding my breath, I walk towards you,
saying your name as I close in.
You look to me, smiling, grateful to see me,
you were not stood up.
We talk hurriedly, where should we go?
A café around the corner.
Our chatter slows down, we scrutinise,
giving each other a once over.

We walk towards the café, talking nothings,
are you as nervous as me?
We enter, find a table and get served our coffees,
we look at each other.
The talking starts, we talk and talk,
like long lost friends.
Our hour passes all to quickly,
I want more.

We leave the café agreeing to contact,
swapping numbers.
Now here I sit, do I call you so soon?
It was only this morning.
I want to talk and talk like we did today,
already I miss you.
I email you, now I await your reply,

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

To Be By The sea

By the sea

By the sea (image by yours truly)

To be by the sea
when the sun is warm
and the breeze is light.
Soaking up the day as my
mind is washed clean by the
sound of the waves hitting the shore.

To be by the sea
when the tide is angry
and the wind is fierce.
Soaking up the spray as my
mind is washed clean by the
feel of the water on my face.

To be by the sea
at the dead of night
and the wind is fair.
Soaking up the darkness as my
mind is washed clean by the
steady heartbeat of the tide.

To be by the sea
is a place I long to be
with you at any time of day.
Soaking up your aura as my
mind is filled with your voice
and the tide keeps time on life.

text & image©2011 Trevor Litchfield

I am a Butterfly

Something a bit different tonight. Here is my one and only draft of ‘I am a Butterfly’ for you to view and read (if you can decipher my scribble). A more readable text version appears below.


Original draft copy

I am a butterfly.
You know, the one with bright colours.
The one that passes by your window,
yet you rarely look at me!

I am that painting.
You know, the one of that man.
You recognise it instantly,
yet you can’t remember my name!

I am the cat sitting on the wall.
You know, the one on the way to the bus.
The one you fuss as you pass,
am I a tabby or a ginger tom?

I am the song you sing everyday.
You know, the one that buzzes around your mind.
The one you forget who sings it,
yet you love it all the same.

I am the unnoticed.
You know, me!
The one you never look at,
if only you looked closer.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

Slan: Book Review

SlanSlan by A.E. van Vogt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time, finally that time arrived over the weekend. One of the real classics of the genre and it did not disappoint this reader at least. Written at a time when war and world domination was uppermost in peoples minds it’s hardly surprising that this book follows those story lines.

We follow the life of a young Slan, (Slan: named after the scientist Samuel Lann in the book), Jommy as he learns about his abilities. Why his kind are hated by humans and why he is even hated by what appear to be his own kind.

This book is full of secret societies, natural hatred and enemies along with a few twists and turns from unexpected quarters. Although written in the early 40’s this book ages well and most of the ideas are still quite believable.

I ploughed through this book, picking it up whenever I had five minutes to spare and thoroughly enjoyed every word. An excellent read in my opinion.

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