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'On The Road Again'

Canned Heat blaring out the stereo, ‘On The Road Again’ seems apt as I drive along the road. Running, or more accurately, driving away from a past that I no longer wish to live, hoping to find a destination worth finding.

The miles get chewed up as the sun beats down. White lines flash by, counting the seconds to my destination; from my departure.

I am leaving behind everything I thought I wanted, everything a man could desire, for what? New challenges are around every corner and sweep of the road and for now I am taking them in my stride, enjoying the curves as they sweep past. Hedgerows full of life watch my passing, my passing of little interest to those inhabiting the hedgerow apart from the sudden shattering of peace my passing brings.

My mind wanders to where I’ve just come from. The people I knew and loved. What must they be thinking now?

I left because it was time to leave. I knew in my bones I had to move on, I needed to find something new. Those people will soon forget as they get on with their lives. There are people I could regret leaving behind but I will soon get past this regret when I find new people to get to know and love.

They could never know my reasons, no one must know my reasons. I will find a new town, a new job and new people then in a few years it will be time to move on before anyone finds out. I enjoy my secret but I must take care when someone gets to close, bedroom close, not to speak about why I came, why I move on. I cannot become embroiled in a family with its responsibilities and then the certain knowledge of knowing and passing it on to another.

I remember the days when horses where the way to travel. I remember how good it felt to be out in the wilderness on horseback with the wind in my hair. Now I drive the latest car with a tiny nuclear power pack at it’s heart. The music rarely changes though, always loud and raucous but now it travels with me as it has done for over a century when on horseback it was in my head alone.

I look ahead into the distance as the clouds take on familiar shapes, this happens every time I hit the road. The world is my oyster and I am it’s grit of sand waiting to be captured.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


New Glasses

A bifocal corrective eyeglasses lens

Image via Wikipedia

After a visit to a new opticians last week (and a telling off for not going sooner) I am now the proud owner of new reading glasses 😀 I got the telling off as diabetes and glaucoma run in my family and I should be tested every year, it has been four years since my last eye test!

I also got a spanky new pair of driving glasses (I hate bifocals) but I hope never to have to wear them. For someone that has spent most of his life driving professionally that is some statement but I really do not want to drive even a car ever again. No other reason than over the years I’ve grown to really dislike driving.

I think the stress and responsibility of driving a HGV truck for years has taken it’s toll on my nerves (and blood pressure) over the years and now I can’t afford to own a car I’m so much happier in myself. I don’t even think about not having a car, I don’t think about how much easier it would be to go shopping/days out etc if I still had a car. Instead I think about planning my journey to account for the public transport in the city, I allow extra time to get to important meetings and it doesn’t frustrate me one bit that it can take an hour to get from where I live to the other side of the city (about seven miles/15-20 minutes by car in peak traffic).

Now the nice weather is back I’ll soon be checking over my bicycle and I can cycle across the city quicker than traveling by bus, if I were a lot fitter I imagine I could cycle across the city quicker than driving a car plus Norwich is quite cycle friendly with cycle lanes and plenty of cycle parking all around the city and for the most part it is reasonably flat land 😀 with one or two notable exceptions.

I really don’t need a car and neither do the majority of the city populace but there are still plenty of cars about every day.

A Superb Saturday!



Matchday Programme, Wroxham v Hadleigh United 09/04/11 (click for larger image)

The sun was shining, it looked so good outside that I just couldn’t resist it. So I checked a few bus timetables, packed my backpack with an extra fleece, my book and some fruit and out the door I went. I did have a destination in mind but I needed to check that my weekly bus ticket allowed for the journey. Let me explain, because I volunteer most days, the cheapest option to get into the city is to buy a weekly travel ticket which then gives me unlimited travel within the city. Today’s journey would take me beyond the city but after checking the bus companies website, it looked like I could travel to my ultimate destination without further cost (important because I could only afford entry to my ultimate destination and not extra travel expenses). To play safe I’d have to ask the driver of the bus once I got into the city.


Anyway, I catch a bus into the city from where I live, cross the road and wait for what will hopefully be my next bus. It arrives on time and after a quick confirmation from the driver I’m off to a football match 😀 This will be my first game of the season (second really but the first was of a much lower standard). I’m on the bus to Wroxham to watch Wroxham FC versus Hadleigh United FC who both play in the Ridgeons League Premier Division.

I’ve been a follower of this level of local football for several seasons and I’ve really missed not going to watch it. Before the separation from my wife I used to watch Diss Town FC most weeks, I even had a short time on the committee there and edited their match day programme for a couple of seasons.

Back to today: I arrive at my destination almost two hours after leaving Trevor Towers but it was such a beautiful day and the journey to Wroxham is mainly through countryside so I didn’t mind the time taken one bit.

I’ll gloss over the game itself apart from mentioning that the home side won 2-1 though to my eyes it was a fairly even match. The weather stayed glorious all afternoon and on into the evening. On my return I read my book, swapped buses in the city and was home around seven o’clock this evening. Wroxham are at home again next Saturday, I think I might be there again if I can afford it

I love days like today 😀


Trafford Park, Home of Wroxham FC

Trafford Park, Home of Wroxham FC



Send Your Name To Mars via NASA

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a link to my certificate Send Your Name To Mars

Thanks to spaceboosters for leaving a comment about this on my NASA Face in Space entry from a few days ago. To get your name included on the chip go to Mars Science Laboratory – Send Your Name To Mars Enter your details and get your certificate 😉

Technology is a laugh isn’t it?

NASA Face in Space

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Image via Wikipedia

NASA Face in Space.

As a bit of a laugh and to get my name/photo involved in a bit of history (in a very minuscule way), late last year I applied to have my name and digital image flown on the last ever flight of the Space Shuttle. All this will hopefully now go ahead on the 19th April, it was originally scheduled for 27th February but for whatever reason the last two flights of the Shuttle have been delayed. I’ve no idea why but I’m really looking forward to this happening and to receive my certificate after the landing of Shuttle Endeavour which is planned to be a 14 day flight. If you’re interested in getting your name/photo included follow the NASA Face in Space link above.

I’m a bit of a NASA freak, I have the website bookmarked and spend quite a bit of time there looking at everything new they discover and occasionally looking back on things I remember from my youth. I was 8 years old when man first walked on the moon and can remember sitting up with my Dad watching history unfold until I fell asleep, I didn’t miss that first step and those immortal words though. Space flight has become a bit overlooked by the general public these days, I guess there are possibly more important things on peoples minds, for me I’m still as excited by space exploration as that kid was 40 years ago.

The latest thing to excite NASA are stereo images of the sun Click here if you’re interested

Not much else going on my world today yet the day seems to have flown by. Oh well.


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