Water and Air

Dark heavy clouds scud by in the strong breeze,
carrying with them woes untold in their midst.
Vapour sucked from oceans full of man’s tears,
telling of life’s hardships unknown beyond their falling.
Yet the tears stay within the clouds, fighting for release.
Who will listen to their tales when they fall again?

The breeze itself full of man’s final sighs,
reaching the final release that hopelessness brings.
Sounds of sobbing lost in the distance travelled
by the air surrounding them, never to find solace.
If you listen carefully, trees repeat the sighs.
Echoing man’s questions, looking for answers.

Every day we share these tears and sighs,
walking through them, they enter our bodies.
Do we listen to the sobs of pain held within
as we listen to our own hopes and dreams?
The pain we feel is shared with all mankind,
yet we never see or hear beyond the water and air.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


An idea: Fiction Sofa

An idea: Fiction Sofa

I had this idea about a new blog and now after much thought, it is live.
The idea is a simple one, most of the people that visit my blog are bloggers themselves and most are fiction writers. I know many of you use writers challenges to give you some ideas but also many of you write for the shear pleasure of writing.

This new blog I have started is for you to help you share your fiction and to help others find your blogs. All you have to do is pick your favourite piece of writing, something you have written from the past week, post a link or pingback in the relevant week and hey presto, with a bit of luck, new readers!

Now I know this all seems a rather simple idea but rather than be another writers challenge website, I thought it would be better if you could highlight what you, the author, thinks is your best piece of writing from the past week.

If you fancy joining in, then visit the Fiction Sofa, have a read and enter what you think was your best piece of fiction writing. Weeks run from midnight Sunday to midnight Sunday (GMT) so you have all week to asses your own writing then post a link to it at the Fiction Sofa.

Take a look anyway, then give me your feedback, I want this to be for all readers and writers at all levels, whether it be short fiction, flash fiction or poetry.

The Wherry


Picture by Philippa Miller, taken from her book 'An Artists Broadland'. Picture held online at The Norfolk Wherry Trust

Tall sails drifting through the landscape,
tacking to and fro, catching the wind.
Passing wind powered water pumps,
draining the land, feeding the river.
Carrying goods to town and city,
these masters of the inland waterway.

Such a sight it must have been,
now used for our simple pleasures.
The workhorse of the Norfolk Broads,
resting on it’s laurels in the morning breeze.
Waiting to tempt you out into the day,
offering sights only found on the water.

Restored and rebuilt, they sail on
into the sunset of a long Broadland day.
A sight once seen never forgotten among the fields and trees,
this working boat of the hard landsman.
Gliding by wind pump and tower,
she sails on evermore, a rare sight to see.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


In response to Indigo Spiders Sunday Picture Press VI

OK, I had a go at the second prompt, or more exactly, the first prompt 🙂 Enjoy.

Visual Prompt 1 -- The Nightmare by Daniel Corneanu

Visual Prompt 1 -- The Nightmare by Daniel Corneanu

I wanna stop feeling like this!
Upside down, inside out.
My world gone crazy!
Floating on the breeze,
a gossamer web.
My body feels like it isn’t there,
it isn’t my body at all.
Swirling through the aether.

Trees fly by, giant winged beings,
Their leafs laugh at me.
Blue grass underfoot,
red rivers meandering.
Fluffy white pillows out of reach
My mind inside out,
thoughts escape,

Reality evaporates,
The boiling kettle of my life bubbling away.
Escaping steam whistles it’s farewell.
Attempting to grasp reality,
senses fail to comprehend.
Bodily extremities flail.
My life begins to fall away
as I wake with a thump on my bed!

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

A good clear out!

Sometimes your cupboards get over full,
it needs a good clear out of the rubbish.
Old clothes that you no longer wear
need to be sorted and discarded.
That old pair of jeans that are full of holes,
that old shirt that has seen better days.
They all need clearing to make room
for new and different clothes.

Then you turn your attention to the bookcase,
over burdened with books read and unread.
Which should you keep, which to pass on?
There are plenty of new books to fill the gaps
but you have to make the gaps to be refilled.
Your mind churns as does your heart,
memories of this or that one
Good reads all apart from those untouched.

Your rooms are now cleared and tidy,
life feels better, lighter somehow.
All those clothes don’t need washing,
all those books don’t need dusting.
Sitting back with a mug of tea,
you glory in a job well done.
Time for new beginnings, new clothes,
new books to read, hoping that nothing will be missed.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


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