Week 1 2016, Wool and Security

It has been so long that I’ve written anything for this blog that I almost forgot I had it! Anyway, I remembered my log in and password so here I am.
All I really do that is of interest these days is read! Sometimes two and up to three books a week! I am a member of a Facebook group that encourages reading and offers interesting and new books to read. The website is http://forreadingaddicts.co.uk/ and if you would like to join in our discussions, ask away and I will invite you. Everyone is welcome but please, if you are an author, no self publicity! We are a reading group but the website Admin offers chances to publicise your work. I can put you in touch with the website Admin if you need publicity.
So, on to what I am reading, or more accurately, what I have just read.
Wool by Hugh Howey https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18626815-wool-omnibus-edition
I understand that this is a collection rather than one novel but the hype woolseems to have run away with the actual story and writing. Not that the writing was bad, in fact for a self published author it is very good. I just felt overall that something was missing from the story. I wish I knew what it was that was missing because the premise is very good and I’m sure the following books are very good too. I just felt that from reading this book I could not justify to myself reading the others. I have so many books I want to read that I already own that sometimes I cannot justify carrying on with a series when I am getting it from the library.
I gave it 3 from 5 stars on Goodreads, which is nether good or bad.
Next up was a short story by Poul Anderson called Security. A short SciFi story. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19391653-security
And a fine short it is too. You could easily read it within the hour but it grabs you right from the start, as a good short should. Considering this is probably less than 50 pages it seems full of detail and the story fairly runs along. A great filler on your journey or hanging around, waiting for something to happen. I gave it a 3 from 5 but it is probably nearer 3.5. A good short read!
Over the coming seven days I am reading The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11506026-the-handmaid-s-tale and plan on reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20555501-the-book-thief
I would love to know your reading plans


Is it religion

And what should we all hope for? Shorter finger nails to play our stringed instruments with? Free speech? Tolerance? Hair that doesn’t grow? More alcohol? Limitless inhibitions? The right to have faith without fear? The list goes on.

Should I start with faith? A society where no matter what you believe in is acceptable? Not really. There have to be boundaries even for a free thinker like me, we cannot have a totally free society. I mean Paedophilia is totally unacceptable! Other things are not. Religion is for instance something that is very personal and even if you believe in the same principles as me, I bet we believe in different things.

Religion! Something that I get confused about. Why on earth would you want to die for what you believe in? Why would you kill for it? I’m happy in who I am without religion. I see religion as a negative in who we are, not a positive in life itself. Why do different religions have to fight with each other? Hell, what do I know!

OK, Free love? Again I’m not entirely sure that is acceptable but you might. I am not of the original hippy generation but old enough to be closer to it than some other generations. My music choice is definitely from that era but I’m not sure I’m one of them. I like to think I’m from a free thinking generation but I doubt I’m quite that tolerant. I’ve enjoyed liberating drugs, I love alcohol and the feeling it gives me, but I’m not free like some others of my generation. I like to know where I belong in society even if it is on the fringes.

Alcohol is my freedom! Tobacco is my lifeline. I don’t need other drugs that might enhance my life, even if they are less life threatening than those I already enjoy. I’m happy to accept the consequences of my choices.

So? where do I sit in the mire? I’m just a free thinker that enjoys what I have. I’ve tried suicide but that didn’t work for me. I’ve tried religion but I got lost in the throng of faiths. I belong where I am and nowhere else I guess

A new begining

He stepped onto the wooden walkway that wound it’s way through the marshland, eventually leading to the viewing point and the sailing lake. He had made this walk several times recently, it gave him time and the quiet surroundings to collect his thoughts.

The latest thoughts on his mind where about his pregnant teenage daughter. How would she cope with a baby on her own? She had him of course, and her mother who she currently lived with but even so, bringing up a child was not easy for a couple to do let alone a teenage mother on her own.

Would she be ready? To late to be asking himself that question. She had made up her mind that she was ready to take on this life changing and life giving role.

What would his role be? That was a question that played on him. Where would he stand in this childs life? He knew that his daughter loved him and would want and perhaps need his help but he was divorced from her mother and they lived two seperate lives, it was not like they could offer a joint support package to her. It would be two seperate packages of love and support, both with differeing views and points of view.

The sun broke through the early morning mist surrounding him, it would be another warm day, maybe even warmer than previous days. He could not see the sky properly but he knew it would be cloudless above the mist.

What would his daughter want from him? Would he be just a babysitter for when she wanted to go out into the city where he lived? Would he get to know his grandchild in the way he always hoped he would? He had hoped that his daughter would have seen a bit more of life, been places, experienced different things but she had chosen her own path. He was not upset by her choices, he just wished she had taken her time.

His daughter had been for her twenty one week scan and had hoped to have baby sexed. Against all expectations baby did not want to be sexed and covered itself with it’s feet. He was hoping for a grandson but he would have to wait another eight weeks, maybe then the baby would allow itself to be sexed otherwise the day of birth bring an extra edge of excitement. If he was honest with himself, he did not really care about the sex of his grandchild, so long as it was healthy, who really cares?

He had reached the viewing point. A few benches had been built into the walkway to offer a good vantage point whilst you watched the action on the sailing lake. This morning there was just one rower out on the lake, taking things easy by the look of it. The sun had cleared most of the mist from the lake so he had a clear view across it but the mist clung on in the marshland around him.

He thought about the father of his grandchild. He had left his daughter soon after she had announced that she was pregnant. From his point of view he could not understand this, how could you just dump the mother of your child? He had been elated when he had found out he was going to be a father, both times in fact! He knew he had been in a solid relationship at the time though, they had been together for four years, teenage romances seem to last no time at all or if they do there always seems to be fights and fallings out. Coming to terms with the fact that his daughter was not going to get any real support from the father bothered him more than his daughter being pregnant.

He wondered what the father of the child was thinking now? How does he feel knowing that he is going to be the father of a child he will barely know? He knows he would have hated to be in that situation himself.

He stood up ready to return the way he had come. He had been through much in his life and overall he felt quite lucky to be living the life he was living. He had had caring parents and family. He had two children he was extremely proud of. His life now was in the main good and he had someone in his life that cared about him. All he had to do now was wait for this new adventure to arrive and become a part of his life.

©2014 Trevor Litchfield

Something new

Once again I feel the need to be writing something. I’m not politically charged, I have no life enhancing comments I wish to espouse on you all. I have no poetry left in me and have not had such desires for quite a while. Do you really want or need to know about my private life? (Please say no but you’re getting it anyway for now)

Depression still rules my everyday life, I have not worked in what feels like forever, I did try a job for 3 days but the shifts were just too long for me. I could happily work the 4 to 6 hour shifts they advertised but 10+ hour long shifts are just not for me!

I’ve been teaching myself to play the Ukulele. I picked up a cheap Ukulele and searched the net to find that there is tons of lessons, song books and helpful hints out there if you are just prepared to look. I even found a really helpful group on Facebook where you can get really useful hints and tips plus songs to learn and it is all free (which is how I like it).

I’ve had my Uke about three months and I can happily strum my way through a few songs which pleases me no end. I even plan to provide some entertainment for my friends around the campfire when we go on our annual camp in August.

I have been reading, sort of on and off really. At the moment I’m plowing through three Terry Pratchett books I picked up at a local charity shop, not sure what I’ll be reading next but I have plenty of books that deserve a read on my bookshelves.

I’m gonna try and write at least once a week, hopefully more but for now thanks for reading and following my blog.



Lost in a world of fog,
fog developed by my own choosing.
Smoggy and full of thick smoke,
failing to find my way.
Following my own footsteps,
losing myself in the process.
Alcohol providing the perfect cover,
to hide behind, even on good days.
Waiting to die,
waiting to live.
Waiting for life itself,
something good comes my way.
When all is lost, I choose to live on,
when not so long ago I chose an overdose.
The easy way out,
the scared option
Waiting for a day to carry on,
waiting for a day to be more than a survivor.

©2013 Trevor Litchfield


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