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Once again I feel the need to be writing something. I’m not politically charged, I have no life enhancing comments I wish to espouse on you all. I have no poetry left in me and have not had such desires for quite a while. Do you really want or need to know about my private life? (Please say no but you’re getting it anyway for now)

Depression still rules my everyday life, I have not worked in what feels like forever, I did try a job for 3 days but the shifts were just too long for me. I could happily work the 4 to 6 hour shifts they advertised but 10+ hour long shifts are just not for me!

I’ve been teaching myself to play the Ukulele. I picked up a cheap Ukulele and searched the net to find that there is tons of lessons, song books and helpful hints out there if you are just prepared to look. I even found a really helpful group on Facebook where you can get really useful hints and tips plus songs to learn and it is all free (which is how I like it).

I’ve had my Uke about three months and I can happily strum my way through a few songs which pleases me no end. I even plan to provide some entertainment for my friends around the campfire when we go on our annual camp in August.

I have been reading, sort of on and off really. At the moment I’m plowing through three Terry Pratchett books I picked up at a local charity shop, not sure what I’ll be reading next but I have plenty of books that deserve a read on my bookshelves.

I’m gonna try and write at least once a week, hopefully more but for now thanks for reading and following my blog.



Lost in a world of fog,
fog developed by my own choosing.
Smoggy and full of thick smoke,
failing to find my way.
Following my own footsteps,
losing myself in the process.
Alcohol providing the perfect cover,
to hide behind, even on good days.
Waiting to die,
waiting to live.
Waiting for life itself,
something good comes my way.
When all is lost, I choose to live on,
when not so long ago I chose an overdose.
The easy way out,
the scared option
Waiting for a day to carry on,
waiting for a day to be more than a survivor.

©2013 Trevor Litchfield

Vimto Wine


As well as beers, I’ve been attempting to brew some wines. To start with I bought a couple of kits, Elderflower and a Cherry kit. Both turned out pretty well but I would advise that you leave the wine to mature for at least two months instead of drinking once bottled as these kits often say the wine is ready to drink after 7 days!

I’ve also discovered C J J Berry‘s books, or at least two of them anyway, both are full of excellent recipes and ideas. The one I recently acquired gives recipes for tinned fruit and fruit juices etc; below is a recipe I’ve adapted to suit my tastes.

Vimto 8 fl oz
Sugar 2lb 10 oz
Tartaric acid 2g
Citric acid 2g
Yeast Nutrient 1g
High alcohol yield yeast 1g
Water to 1 gallon

(My apologies for mixing the way I weigh ingredients but I like to live dangerously 😉 )

Dilute sugar in 2 pints of warm water, add acids and nutrient. Pour Vimto in demijohn and add sugared (and acid) water, fill to 1 gallon with cold water, add yeast and ferment.

I expect to follow usual guidelines as to bottling etc and I don’t expect this to be ready until at least summer of 2013.

Besides this I have a pomegranate wine which has now been fermenting for two months, I have apple, Haw berry and crab apple wine maturing in their respective demijohns. I also have another gallon of apple wine, this time with added cinnamon which will be ready for Xmas ’13. I also have a kit Rose wine which I hope will be ready for this Xmas, it is currently maturing nicely and will get bottled the week prior to Xmas.

Treacle Ale update and Honey Beer


Fuggles (Photo credit: LoopZilla)

The treacle ale is now well on it’s way to being drinkable after I bottled it last week. It had a lovely treacly aroma and I can’t wait to sample it at Xmas. Another beer I have on the go which again I hope will be ready by Xmas is honey beer (recipe below). I am really enjoying these experiments in beer making. I just hope my wine is ready otherwise I will be in trouble though 😉

Honey Beer:
Honey 1lb
Hops( I used fuggles) ½ oz
Juice of 1 lemon
Water to 1 gal
Beer yeast and nutrient

Boil hops in 4 pints of water for 30 minutes. Strain hops, stir in honey and let simmer for a further 5 minutes. Top to 1 gallon with cold water, when wort is cool and juice of lemon, nutrient and yeast. Ferment as normal then siphon into primed bottles and leave for at least 1 week

Treacle Ale

English: Lyle's Golden Syrup in a resealable t...

English: Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a resealable tin. This image was created by Whitebox, and is licensed under the following license (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Treacle Ale (Black Beer)

Golden Syrup 1lb
Black Treacle 1/2 lb
Water 7 pints
Yeast and yeast nutrient

Dissolve syrup and treacle in 1 ½ pints of warm water, add the remaining water cold, stir well and mix in yeast nutrient and yeast. Cover and ferment till finish. Siphon into primed bottles, seal and store for at least 1 week

Recipe taken from Easy Beer Making, Real Ale in 21 days

I now have 1 gallon of this brew fermenting away in the cupboard, updates as and when they occur. I’m hoping this will be a nice enjoyable pint ready in time for Xmas


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