Before I sleep

The candles burn on, casting long shadows
in a now empty room where we once sat.
Relaxing on the sofa I think back over the evening,
cooking our meal together in the kitchen, laughing.
Me learning new ideas about my food,
you smiling as I fumble through the recipes.

Talking as we ate, the food exciting and new.
Candlelight flickered over our faces as we laughed,
talking about our interests and little observations.
We talked late into the night, then you had to leave.
Darkness fighting the candles as I sit reminiscing,
absorbing the aura of the evening before I sleep.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


Not PostADay anymore

Well, I consider myself a bit of a failure 😦

I’ve removed the Postaday logo and tags from all my posts that included it. I just cannot commit myself any longer to write something every day as I feel I would be writing entries just for the sake of it with nothing to say. From now on I’ll be posting as often as I feel like it, which will be most days anyway but I felt that the postaday thing was getting too much for me.

For now I’ve replaced the postaday logo with a slightly updated logo I used to have on one of my websites (so many years ago), I don’t think that will stay there permanently but I think it looks nice for now, by clicking on the logo you will be taken to my page.

Apart from that………what another glorious day it has been? Sun shining, warm air and it feels like summer is here, I wonder what summer will really be like once it gets here?

Light cycle model on display at Fan Expo 2009 ...

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This evening was another Movie night but this time with a bit of a difference. My daughter is currently with her mother for Easter and I have the delight of entertaining my son this evening. So we rented Tron Legacy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw the original Tron way back in it’s day and although it now looks very dated I still enjoy it. This new Tron is so much better, obviously it is a special effects film and to me they were fantastic. I think this will be another film to put on the purchase list when it is a bit more reasonably priced.

It’s also good to be catching up with my son, we’ve not spoken so much in ages 😀

Have a glorious Easter

A Good Day

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Finally, after too many months away from it I’m back volunteering in the Oxfam Bookshop here in Norwich! It was great to be back in there helping out once again. This morning I was with one of the regulars and although he had been volunteering in the shop over a year I met for the first time a working man that also volunteers a few hours as and when he can. There was a lot of talk, catching up on everyone’s news, me getting to grips with the changes made in the shop but amazingly I remembered how to use the till! Hopefully I’ve also sorted things so that I can do my work placement at this shop, this will ease my conscience no end. It also appears that because I’ve set something up in place of that placement at the supermarket last week by myself, there will be no consequences to follow after I walked out. Good News! 🙂

One of the longer conversations we had this morning between customers is whether our families were takers of photographs on holidays or collectors of postcards. We weren’t talking about now but rather of the past, especially our grandparents. It appears one of the volunteers is a collector of postcards which all started when his family used to buy postcards of holiday destinations whilst on holiday rather than carry a camera and take photos. Mine on the other hand had embraced the then new craze and took photos.

He was saying how precious his postcard collection had become to him over the years and that he had carried on the tradition of always buying



postcards where ever he went. On the other hand I had loads of old family photos of day trips and holidays and even now I’m a keen togger and take photos of everything when I have the chance. As you can imagine my photos are precious to me. It’s strange how our history shapes us in certain ways, even after all this time.

So, bookshop once again and all that temptation! There is a collectable boxed set of E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s Skylark series of books in the display cabinet at the moment and to say I wish I had the £20 to buy the set is an understatement. The set is in lovely condition and it would make a marvellous addition to my small but growing collection. I say growing because over the years I’ve let a lot of my books go and now I’ve only really myself to please I intend to have a serious collection once again. In time I’d like to have something akin to a reading room but for now some nice shelving with some of my favourite books to decorate said shelving. Of course there would also be plenty of read/unread books as I don’t intend to have them there looking pretty, books are there to be read, not admired.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story

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Since we moved into our new flat my daughter and I have made a point of having a bit of fun on Saturdays. We decided that Saturday evenings should be a time when we sit down, watched a film, eat takeaway and just enjoy each others company for an hour or two.

As we have no fun-money the only real expense is renting the DVD, takeaway normally consists of a shop bought and home cooked pizza or a chicken box, the sort you can get in Iceland or Farm Foods, but it feels like a takeaway. If we have the latter we normally get some oven chips as a side dish. We also have ice cream to finish off our meal. Obviously we do all this eating whilst watching our chosen film which tonight was Toy Story 3 (hence the title).

Already we have both come to look forward to our Saturday evenings when we end up doing the same thing for once as normally we very rarely watch the same TV programme and she certainly doesn’t enjoy my taste in music! Therefore, although we spend a lot of time in each others company we are rarely doing the same thing at the same time.

We never pre-plan these evenings, instead we just go down the shops around 3 in the afternoon, rent which ever film we fancy, get our food, again mood plays a big part in this, then we go home and look forward to 7 o’clock which has become our film watching time. The lights go off and we couch out, eating, talking and in this evenings case, laughing.

For me these evenings are precious as I know she will not want to spend Saturday evenings with her dad for much longer (she is 14 going on 21). Here’s to next Saturday.


I’m giving Live Writer a further test tonight.

Today has been yet another non-event day, daft thing is quite a bit has gone on! To start with I had a lay in till gone 9am, then did the bit of shopping I had to do (milk, bread, pay TV licence) and got home looking forward to a day that I had no real plans for. I set the washing machine on the go, washed up from last night and before I knew where I was lunchtime beckoned.

After bacon sarnies and a lovely mug of lemon tea whilst watching the lunchtime news it was time to settle down with my book. No sooner had I settled down to read there was a knock at the door. Someone both my daughter and I knew before I separated from my wife lives near us and she had called round to see if my daughter wanted to go over the park with her and her young son. Now I was in real peace so the book took a hammering until they returned. We all then sat chatting over a mug of tea which was nice.

Once we were back on our own I started reading again and my daughter fired up her netbook, peace descended once again on my little world.

Wrong! A knock at the door less than twenty minutes later and it was another friend round to see us, more tea and chat ensued.

Then it was meal time once again and now I find myself once again writing this tripe for you guys hoping it will be of interest.

It was great to catch up with these people today but my life feels so superfluous at the moment. I get up, do stuff, eat/drink, read a bit, write to you lovely people than it’s time for bed once again. It feels like something is missing somehow. Maybe it’s the lack of a job and the money that goes with it or perhaps the lack of direction my life seems to have at the moment. My biggest goal right now is to get our flat carpeted! I have no big dreams or a bucket list I feel the need to fulfil. I have no big desires hanging over me spurring me on. In fact the one thing that does give any inspiration at all right now is you guys, the readers of this blog.

I really missed writing here when I was off line and now it almost feels like I want the day to come to it’s conclusion so that it’s time to write my entry. I just wish it was a bit more constructive or creative though. Maybe next week (Tuesday), when I start this work trial things might improve, we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

Of course I might win the lottery tomorrow and all my doubts will fade away Winking smile


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