Treacle Ale update and Honey Beer


Fuggles (Photo credit: LoopZilla)

The treacle ale is now well on it’s way to being drinkable after I bottled it last week. It had a lovely treacly aroma and I can’t wait to sample it at Xmas. Another beer I have on the go which again I hope will be ready by Xmas is honey beer (recipe below). I am really enjoying these experiments in beer making. I just hope my wine is ready otherwise I will be in trouble though 😉

Honey Beer:
Honey 1lb
Hops( I used fuggles) ½ oz
Juice of 1 lemon
Water to 1 gal
Beer yeast and nutrient

Boil hops in 4 pints of water for 30 minutes. Strain hops, stir in honey and let simmer for a further 5 minutes. Top to 1 gallon with cold water, when wort is cool and juice of lemon, nutrient and yeast. Ferment as normal then siphon into primed bottles and leave for at least 1 week



English: Various common fermentation vessels f...

English: Various common fermentation vessels for homebrewing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with us all, things change, life changes, our hobbies come and go yet some things stay constant. I have not hit the keys in menace for quite a while yet the desire still remains. My interests have changed a little yet I still love watching films, reading books and listening to music. I seem to have no creative writing in me yet still I have the desire to share something.

One interest that I have resurrected in the last few months is home brewing beer and wine. I recently barrelled my fourth barrel of homebrew beer and I have a barrel (40 UK pints) of cider. I brew these from kits readily available from a local store and so far the only way I deviate from the instructions is that I use dextrose rather than white sugar.

I have been overjoyed with the results I have achieved so far and it is something that I am to gain more experience in as time goes by.

I am also attempting homebrew wine, the sort where I go and gather hedgerow fruits, then ferment into wine. This is a long process often taking over a year to complete. I hope the rewards are worth it. Only time will tell.


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I drink quite a bit of tea, not so much coffee these days, high blood pressure and all that, so tea is the drink for me after midday most days. It’s odd how you get used to a certain brand and the flavour it gives to your drink of choice. I’ve been buying the same tea for months, in fact nearly a year. To me it is a good strong (important to me) flavoured, easily drinkable beverage. Last week when I went shopping, the shop I use had sold out of my usual brand. I did ask one of the shop staff, he did go and check out back in the warehouse but I was out of luck!

So, there I am, standing in front of the shelves, staring at all these different brands of tea, all promising me the best mug of tea I could drink. I start by picking up each brand on offer one at a time, reading the blurb, seeing if there was something that tempted me to try a certain brand. In the end I decided on a brand that donates a percentage of the profits from each box sold to rainforest preservation.

I’m quite keen, no, I’m VERY keen on rainforest preservation so without further thought this was the brand that went into my shopping trolley. I happily handed over the £2 for my box of tea (I spent a lot more on other required products but the box of tea cost £2) and went home looking forward to trying this new brand and blend of tea.

I put my other shopping away along with my newly purchased box of tea, I had some tea left in my caddy so I would not be using this new brand for a few days.

Skip a few days 😉

Ooh, time to test out this new brand of tea as I use the last of the tea in the caddy. So I guzzle down what I’ve just made, open the new box and fill up my caddy. Straight away I’m at the tap, filling up the kettle to boil then on to make a lovely fresh pot of tea. I’m doing all the necessary and thinking that I might sit and savour this new brand, one that I feel I should buy on a regular basis simply because of what they do with some of their profits.

Tea is now steeping in the pot, cosy over the teapot, I always make enough for two mugs in my teapot, the cosy keeps the second mug of tea warm whilst I savour the first. I pour the tea out, it has a lovely colour, smells great!, Add a dash of milk, no sugar (I’m sweet enough….yeah right! 😉 ) and off I go into the lounge to try out what may well become my new brand of tea.

Now at this point you know where this is going to go, well you’re pretty much right. It isn’t awful, it just has a tang that isn’t quite to my taste, it tastes sort of papery somehow. Oh it  has a nice and strong flavour but it leaves this odd papery after taste in my mouth. So as much as I’d love to make this new found brand my regular brand, I don’t think it will be. I’ve been drinking it for a week now and I still get this papery after taste. Oh well, I just hope that when I go shopping next week, they have my regular brand in stock, otherwise I may be boring you all over again with my purchases 🙂

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