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I have always lived and breathed music. It is such a large part of my life that I really don’t know what sort of person I’d be without it. There have been times when it has taken a back seat in my life but now, once again I find it is one of my main focuses in life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve played music. My first memories of buying 7 inch vinyl singles then playing them on my dads record player are still with me. My dads record player was a suitcase type affair and it had valves in it, the records used to drop down then get played. I still have it and it gets the occasional play when I’m in the mood to warm it up.

As I reached my teens, I could afford LP’s and that is when I found the music that I still very much listen to to this day. I’ll not go through my most loved records but lets just say my collection soon grew to feature most of the best and most famous rock artists of the early and mid 70’s along with a few not so well known artists. Those not so well known artist were and still are my favourites.

Late teens and early 20’s saw me getting out and seeing many of these artist at live concerts. Discovering yet more artists and then people that shared my musical interests. 3 other people in particular became close friends during those years and we rarely went anywhere without each other. They were great times and we discovered some great music together.

One of those friends played bass guitar and was always keen to get a few other musicians together to learn and play our favourite tracks of the time. For some reason they thought I had a voice worth sharing with their music and I grudgingly became their vocalist on these jam sessions. I know my voice didn’t suit a lot of the songs they could play but we had a lot of fun and I loved stepping back to let the others just jam away. I always admired the way they could just let their music and instruments talk for them. I was often left in awe of their skill yet they all played for fun only, none of them were or ever became professional musicians yet I’m sure they all could have if they had wanted.

The years pass and life takes on new responsibilities and for the next 20 or so years music also gets put on the back burner of my life, gently simmering until I can once again reintroduce it to my life. I will admit I never thought it would come back as it has but now I find that once again along with reading, it is up front and leading me in new directions. I’m catching up with artists that were around at the time I first fell in love with music. Artists from the late 60’s and early 70’s dominate my listening and it feels like almost every day I’m learning about new artists of that era.

I spend a lot of my free time with music playing, a soundtrack to my life. This soundtrack has become more diverse in recent times but only by the artists I listen to, not by the style of music. In my blood I’m still that teenager who first heard and bought that first vinyl Grateful Dead gatefold double LP and today that is where my music taste still lays, in the heart of 70’s rock.


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I’ve been doing a job this evening that I’ve been planning to do for a while now, add some good links to this blog! You will find them all in the “Other Cyberspaces” list on the right of the page, here they are in a bit more detail.

Best Care Anywhere
A fansite covering everything M*A*S*H related. MASH is one of my favourite TV shows and I have the complete set of all 11 seasons on DVD
A useful website for planning and mapping cycle routes
Eastern Daily Press
Local Norwich newspaper website
Social Networking for “Baby Boomers”. Mainly US but more and more UK members arriving every day. Full of “groups” to discuss just about anything.
Evening News
Local Norwich newspaper website, sister to the Eastern Daily Press
Famous Poets and Poems
Does what it says in the title
Grateful Dead
Home of the Grateful Dead on the net
Grateful Dead Annotated Lyrics
Another “what it says in the title” website
Internet Archive
Home of the Grateful Dead sound archives plus home to just about anything you could imagine!
Led Zeppelin
Zep on the net
Led Zeppelin Lyrics
Sing along to the second best band in the world
My Myspace page. Often neglected for months on end but I take a look just to see if it has improved. It never does.
Norwich Cycling Campaign
Local campaign website for better cycling routes in Norwich
The best Office suite available anywhere, what’s more it’s free!
Oxfam GB
Somewhere I volunteer some of my free time
Project Gutenburg
Why pay for Kindle books when you can get the classics free in many formats
Robert Hunter Archive
Home to the lyricist of many of the Grateful Deads songs
Get loads of free useful software, why pay for inferior copies?
SundownerUK @
My music library and listening habits online
Tony’s Non-League Forum
The only place on the net to discuss football! As the title suggest it is non league only discussion but then that’s the football I go to watch. Can’t stand to watch the ballet dancers pro clubs employ
A great website to plan that urban walk in your town or city.
Wycombe Wanderers FC
The only pro club I support. I’ve watched and supported this lot since I was about fives years old.

I hope you find something of interest

More Word Stuff

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I have a palindrome as my screen-saver, one that any self respecting Dead Head might use. It is one of the simple screen-savers that Microsoft package with windows and is simply a word that I’ve chosen tumbling about the screen. My palindrome is the word Aoxomoxoa, pronounced “OX-OH-MOX-OH-AH”, as far as I’m aware it has no meaning and is a piece of art using letters. Besides being a straightforward palindrome it can also read the same when viewed from the rear, therefore it makes a good looking (to these eyes) screen-saver when spelt like “AoXoMoXoA” then refining some of the settings within the screen-saver so that it looks as if it reflects colours, shades and objects.

After looking up palindromes on wikipedia, I spotted a link at the bottom of the page “Ambigram”. I’ve never heard of this before so I click on it and hey, more world or letter art. Click the link, it’s all rather cool and unknown to me there is another mention of Grateful Dead album cover artwork, this time the “American Beauty” album. I knew it could read differently when viewed from certain angles but I’m learning stuff today, real stuff!

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