The urge to create is still one I seem to have lost but the urge to write has returned for the today at least! So for anyone that is interested here’s a quick catch-up on what has been going on in Trevor Towers these last few months. This isn’t a timeline or a confessional, I’m writing this simply because I need to, if you enjoy reading it then we’re all happy.

To start with, I’m still struggling with depression! I seem to be on a long and winding road that always comes back to where I found myself during the summer. My mind seems to let the real me come through a little more often recently but it only takes one tiny spark of a thought and I’m back staring into the abyss.

I have finally found work after nearly three years of unemployment. Although initially a temporary position for just six weeks back in early September, they extended it to Christmas soon after and I’m really hopeful that I will get offered a long term contract come Christmas.

Getting this job has been almost a life saver for me. Mentally it has given my mind a break from the ever darker thoughts that were invading and it has given me something active to do, which has helped my high blood pressure no end. I had become very lazy at home all day every day and along with depression, I had reached the stage where I wasn’t going out for days at a time. Not healthy!

It has also brought some fantastic people into my life! I have been able to share my experience with depression with a couple of them as we seemed to have discovered each other and our shared illness quite quickly after I started work. Then there are the happy people, they bring light into my days that I had forgotten had existed but most of all, and something that has surprised me as we have only really known each other a short time, a couple of them have become close friends.

Although the money is very welcome, the people are the ones I cherish and crave the most. I have found I can laugh once more. I have also found an honesty within myself that hasn’t been there for sometime, whether it’s because I finally have other things to occupy my mind, or it is simply being around other, new and exciting people, I don’t care. All I know is it has been excellent medicine for me and I really hope I can continue to take it for some time to come yet.


The Wherry


Picture by Philippa Miller, taken from her book 'An Artists Broadland'. Picture held online at The Norfolk Wherry Trust

Tall sails drifting through the landscape,
tacking to and fro, catching the wind.
Passing wind powered water pumps,
draining the land, feeding the river.
Carrying goods to town and city,
these masters of the inland waterway.

Such a sight it must have been,
now used for our simple pleasures.
The workhorse of the Norfolk Broads,
resting on it’s laurels in the morning breeze.
Waiting to tempt you out into the day,
offering sights only found on the water.

Restored and rebuilt, they sail on
into the sunset of a long Broadland day.
A sight once seen never forgotten among the fields and trees,
this working boat of the hard landsman.
Gliding by wind pump and tower,
she sails on evermore, a rare sight to see.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


The appointed time had arrived,
I stood waiting.
Would I recognise you from the photo,
people passed by.
There you were, walking towards me,
not recognising me.
My photo must either be very bad,
or not representative.

Holding my breath, I walk towards you,
saying your name as I close in.
You look to me, smiling, grateful to see me,
you were not stood up.
We talk hurriedly, where should we go?
A café around the corner.
Our chatter slows down, we scrutinise,
giving each other a once over.

We walk towards the café, talking nothings,
are you as nervous as me?
We enter, find a table and get served our coffees,
we look at each other.
The talking starts, we talk and talk,
like long lost friends.
Our hour passes all to quickly,
I want more.

We leave the café agreeing to contact,
swapping numbers.
Now here I sit, do I call you so soon?
It was only this morning.
I want to talk and talk like we did today,
already I miss you.
I email you, now I await your reply,

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

The Allotment (an afternoon in the sun)

Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden (Image by VeggieGardeningTips via Flickr)

Gardeners tend the soil,
weeding and feeding their bounty.
Building raised beds
for herbs and delicate plants.
Removing pests by hand,
or more innovative means.
Coffee grinds ward off slugs,
caring yet effective against the pests

Hoses lead across the paths,
bringing much need water.
Water soaks into the ground,
a cool drink in the midday sun.
Potatoes soak up the moisture,
cabbage funnel it down leaves.
This artificial irrigation,
keeping these plants alive.

Their tools kept clean and tidy,
their sheds fit for a kings visit.
Nets lay over the fruit bushes,
birds sit on the outside looking in.
Bees flit from flower to flower,
pollinating and collecting as they go,
this is the life many of us don’t know.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

This poem is my entry for this weeks One Shot Wednesday

One Shot Wednesday

One Shot Wednesday

Another day goes by

Another day goes by,
another day in my life forever lost.
So many days have gone this way,
leaving me with a sense of waste.
As I near a half century in years,
those lost days count ever higher.

Am I to leave this realm,
never knowing why it was like this?
I am lucky, I can read, write,
communicate with an audience.
There is a pleasure in that for me.
A satisfaction of reaching others.

If I am lucky, I have a third of my life left.
What to do with that time I am unsure.
I could read myself into oblivion,
for what purpose? Self gratification?
I could write my thoughts for all to see,
a lasting legacy that might live on?

I have no wish to make you despair,
I am not in a maudlin mood.
There are things I want to do (see),
people I would like to meet (love).
But I need to find a purpose,
one that feeds the hunger.

Today I add to my legacy,
more lines from the rhythms of my mind.
Undulating, like the Norfolk countryside
I have made my home.
I share my life with you this way
because I have nothing else to give.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield


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