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Well, the expected finally happened and I’m once again on prescription anti-depressants! I’ve felt that this day has been coming for some time and this morning my doctor wrote out the prescription for them. If they help prevent the darker moments in my day I guess it will be worth it. From previous experience it is difficult to know how they will affect me, the last tine I was on anti-depressants I actually felt worse! I am on a new drug for me though, so fingers crossed.

Apart from that I’ve had a decent enough day, mainly reading and listening to music (do you notice a pattern to my Saturdays?). If you’re ever interested in my music choice then visit my page where you can see my weird and wonderful music taste. As I write I’ve got a playlist running on Winamp that I’ve labeled ‘Ladies’, it features music from the likes of Allison Moyet, Clannad, Judie Tzuke and Portishead. I’m more into Prog Rock or Psychedelic Rock really but you need variety in everything, or at least I think so.

The other thing that has become a regular feature of my Saturdays is the DVD night in. This week my daughter is with her mother, she has been with her most of the week as it is half term. So tonight was my choice, all for selfish little me to enjoy. I thought I’d go for some eye candy plus blood, guts explosions etc so I picked up SALT with the once lovely Angelina Pitt (Jolie) in the lead role. The film was as I expected, lots of explosions, death at every turn etc but I think Mrs Pitt needs to put on a few pounds, she looked so thin! Too thin for my liking anyway, I know we all get older and our bodies change but really, do actresses really need to look like paper thin models to keep getting roles in movies? Overall not a bad film but I felt let down by Mrs Pitt’s appearance.

I found out something interesting about a Telautograph today. Seems Margaret Atwood, a famous author, has developed something called LongPen and it brings the telautograph into the 21st (or is it the 22nd) Century. Interesting stuff that leans heavily on the original inventors idea. Take a look at the linked pages if you’re interested. I titled my blog with the name of Trev’s Telautograph because that’s what I felt I was doing in a sort of abstract way, sitting at my desk writing and you reading my words.

More about dragons now. Seems Norwich has a long association with dragons. At the moment, Norwich is holding it’s annual Dragon Festival. I had to go to the central library this week and met two wonderful dragons in the main foyer of the building, they make a great spectacle sitting there in the middle of the Forum building. I have to admit, I keep seeing them everywhere after my little story the other day.


30 minutes with Winamp

I feel full of words today! I hope this makes sense to someone.

Smoke from my cigarette drifts in the air
Distracting me from the words on the screen
Cold coffee sits at my elbow, or is it tea?
I made it so long ago, anyway it’s a mug gone cold
Grateful Dead music soothes my mind
Let It Grow as the word count grows
Blocking out the unwanted noises of life
At least there is something to be happy about
Dregs of a half eaten lunch sit drying on a plate
Can you tell this is not going according to my thoughts?

The music player is on random play
It has over seven thousand tracks to choose from
Now Boris Gardener & The Keys sing melodiously
He’s singing about being alone
Does he know something, could he foresee the future
Could he see me sitting here struggling for words to write
Yes I’m all dazed and confused
The music has changed again, Led Zeppelin
I drink the cold tea, it was tea after all
The food looks unappetising, out for the birds I think

The point I’m trying to make is a simple one
I write and write, tapping the keys with two fingers
Index and middle of my right hand
They dance over the keys like demented robotic digits
Hoping that something of value appears on the screen.
Portishead, Cowboys, another prophetic song me thinks
Who am I trying to convince here?
I enjoy writing in this format, I can express myself!

I light yet another cigarette, smoke drifting up
Inhale deeply, exhale slowly
More Grateful Dead
These tracks are short today!
Perhaps it’s the time taken to write between tracks!
Throwing Stones, hopefully doing no damage
I have a lot of their music on my hard drive
Most of it owned on CD too
The rest from friends who, like me, love the Dead

Music and writing poetry brings me alive
Makes me feel ‘real’
I guess this could go on all day
Songs on Winamp
Lines of words, words moving with the random choice

©2011 Trevor Litchfield
Creative Commons Licence
30 Minutes With Winamp by Trevor Litchfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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