Stressful yet musical

2009 09 15 187 T881 KLF in Norwich

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Not the day I had hoped for in truth. It appears that my time with my current work advisor is finished. The group he works for is contracted to look after unemployed people at stage 4 (what ever that is) and I’m now to go onto what ever is next. This means that my work placement is also finished but I have decided that I will continue as a volunteer at the shop, this is what I did before so in many ways very little has changed apart from the support of the government funded scheme that covered my travel expenses. I’ll worry about those expenses another day because once the weather gets a little better I can cycle into the city most days.

So, I’m now back under the jobcentre directly for my work support! To be honest I’m dreading this as they are rarely understanding and everything is by the book, rigid. We all have to fit in little boxes so that they can tick us off. It’s not a nice way to be treated at all really but I guess they have so many people to process everyday they can’t afford to be otherwise. I also find it very stressful to attend the jobcentre, I don’t deal with loads of people milling about very well plus there is always an air of confrontation though you rarely see it.

Thinking about loads of people in small places, I had to come home on a bus that was packed to standing. We normally get double deck buses on the route I live on, tonight it was a single deck bus but with the same amount of people attempting to board it. As someone that doesn’t deal to well with these situations I was getting a bit sweaty. Normally I stick my head in what ever book I’m reading but this evening I had the company of a colleague from the shop. It transpires that she has the same problem with people crowded together, so we sat together talking to each other trying to ignore everything else around us. I have to admit I still had sweaty palms when I got off the bus and the walk to Trevor Towers was a joy as I breathed in the cool evening air with relief.

Then there was the empty flat when I got in. My daughter is with her mother for the rest of the week, they are going up to London for a few days visiting family and going to see Justin Bieber on Thursday evening. So that meant no big hug when I got in, no chatting about each others day and worst of all, eating alone. I’ll have to find things to do to occupy myself until she comes back at the weekend, maybe I’ll read even more or maybe I’ll see if I can reawaken my creativity; at least I can play my music without having to wear headphones or getting moaned at 😀


Paying for a late night

My tired kitty.

Too tired to play (Image via Wikipedia)

I played Scrabble on line last night way later than I should have done; how I have suffered today! Scrabble and one or two other word games are the only games I play on Facebook, yet my daughter and sister seem to find all manner of farming games to play, oh well, me and words.

I am still thinking more about my post yesterday but don’t have the where-with-all to write more about it tonight other than forewarn you that I will probably be writing more about my thoughts about friends and friendships in the not too distant future. Suffice to say, those few people I call friends, no matter where you are, are important to me.

Tomorrow I go to my work advisor to see if I can extend my work experience at the bookshop. I’ve already spoken about it with him by phone and he seems to think it will just be a formality but it will depend on what the jobcentre have to say whether it will continue or not. I’m hopeful that it can continue, at least I’m not lounging around all day at home. Yeah, I know I’ve done that for a while too but now I’m in the habit of keeping to a routine similar to a working routine, I’d like to keep it.

So now it’s time for my last mug of tea and to get an early night in. Be good cyberpeople.

Friday with a smile on my face (though I’m rather tired)

Easter egg poster

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I feel particularly tired this evening, maybe it’s that end of the week feeling that I’ve not felt in so long, maybe I’m falling for something? Either way I’ve had a fruitful day which was quite fun.

Yesterday we (the shop) had our delivery of Easter Eggs, today we put them on display. Oh ….all that chocolate looked so yummy which is odd because I don’t normally get worked up about chocolate, give me ice cream 😀 There was two of us taking them out of the boxes and sorting out some sort of display, even if I say so myself, I think we did a good job!

Other than that I finally got confirmation that I could continue my work experience placement in the bookshop (it’s only been two weeks!) and received the full backlog of travel expenses as well. So everything is hunky dory with that.

I’ve also received a message from someone that is important to me, it came as a complete surprise (you know who you are). To say it was great to hear from them is an understatement. The correspondent always apologises for intruding on my daily life, little do they know how great it makes me feel to receive messages from people I like to call friends, so if you know my email address, I would love to hear from my friends ANYTIME! I will of course reply to any that write me 😉

D’you know, I think that’s all I have to say tonight. No poetry, no rambling on about unimportant stuff. The End! (for tonight anyway).

World Book Night

About World Book Night.

Saturday, or more accurately, Saturday evening is World Book Night. Something along the lines of World Book Day but for adults instead of children. I only found out about World Book Night via twitter but it seems quite an interesting attempt to get people that otherwise would not read, to read books.

One of the ideas is to give books away to people during the course of the day, this will happen this coming Saturday. Here in Norwich, three of the places you can get one of these books are pubs, again an interesting concept but one that I personally welcome. Not that I get the chance to go out drinking but to know there are pubs out there that would welcome book readers whilst they enjoy a pint. I’ve never come across this before but then I’ve never lived in a city before either, perhaps pubs offering quiet corners to book readers are more common in cities.

To discover more about World Book Night, click the About World Book Night  link above.

As most of you know, I volunteer a lot of my free time at the Oxfam Bookshop here in Norwich. Today we had a volunteer meeting, most of it about general day to day stuff but it appears that they are looking for new and different ways to publicise the shop for both books they have to offer as well as an easy way for prospective volunteers to get in touch and know something about us before they come along and pay us a visit in the shop. Anyway, it appears along with a few other volunteers, yours truly may be one of those tasked in getting some sort of blog off the ground.

I think anyone that visits this blog regularly will know I enjoy the process of writing and blogging, I showed off my blog to the shop manager the other day. She was very impressed with my efforts which pleased me no end. So the chance to write something on a second blog about the fun I have at the bookshop or about book collections we might have for sale, or what my day might involve, or indeed favourite books I purchased from the shop is an exciting one for me. More news on this as I get it plus, you know I’m going to let you all know where you can find this blog when we get it off the ground.

I have to admit, since I’ve been back at the shop, which is only just over a week now, my job searching isn’t such an onerous task as it was when I was home all day every day. I know I can’t look at this as paid work but it does feel as if I have a job. I’m spending about 30 hours a week there and as I’ve already said before, the people are great and I feel as if I’m doing something worthwhile and to some extent, my days are fulfilled. I get home with that happy tiredness you have at a job well done, getting used to spending 6 or 7 hours a day stood up is hard after spending most of my life sat on my arse behind the steering wheel of a truck all day.

For the first time in many months, I am content with life. I don’t know if it’s because the anti depressants have started to work, or because I’m out of the flat doing something I want to do, or maybe it’s a mixture of the two. What ever it is I don’t mind it at all.

A Good Day

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Finally, after too many months away from it I’m back volunteering in the Oxfam Bookshop here in Norwich! It was great to be back in there helping out once again. This morning I was with one of the regulars and although he had been volunteering in the shop over a year I met for the first time a working man that also volunteers a few hours as and when he can. There was a lot of talk, catching up on everyone’s news, me getting to grips with the changes made in the shop but amazingly I remembered how to use the till! Hopefully I’ve also sorted things so that I can do my work placement at this shop, this will ease my conscience no end. It also appears that because I’ve set something up in place of that placement at the supermarket last week by myself, there will be no consequences to follow after I walked out. Good News! 🙂

One of the longer conversations we had this morning between customers is whether our families were takers of photographs on holidays or collectors of postcards. We weren’t talking about now but rather of the past, especially our grandparents. It appears one of the volunteers is a collector of postcards which all started when his family used to buy postcards of holiday destinations whilst on holiday rather than carry a camera and take photos. Mine on the other hand had embraced the then new craze and took photos.

He was saying how precious his postcard collection had become to him over the years and that he had carried on the tradition of always buying



postcards where ever he went. On the other hand I had loads of old family photos of day trips and holidays and even now I’m a keen togger and take photos of everything when I have the chance. As you can imagine my photos are precious to me. It’s strange how our history shapes us in certain ways, even after all this time.

So, bookshop once again and all that temptation! There is a collectable boxed set of E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s Skylark series of books in the display cabinet at the moment and to say I wish I had the £20 to buy the set is an understatement. The set is in lovely condition and it would make a marvellous addition to my small but growing collection. I say growing because over the years I’ve let a lot of my books go and now I’ve only really myself to please I intend to have a serious collection once again. In time I’d like to have something akin to a reading room but for now some nice shelving with some of my favourite books to decorate said shelving. Of course there would also be plenty of read/unread books as I don’t intend to have them there looking pretty, books are there to be read, not admired.


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