WordPressSome things to note:
a) I have been attempting to find a new appearance for my blog without much success. This is becoming increasingly annoying to me but one day I may settle on something I’m happy with. In the meantime, please forgive the constant appearance changes.
b) I am considering moving to my own domain! I hate the advertising placed here if you are not logged in to WordPress, yet I love what WordPress has to offer. If their hosting fees were a little more competitive I would pay to have the advertising removed, a little thing I know but one that has increasingly annoyed me over time.
c) I do have two accounts at the Google Blogger, although they are much more controllable, for me they don’t offer the same things but that might also be an option given more time and thought.

To find the peace of mind I desire,
would be so easy to accomplish.
Yet the little things annoy beyond
all comparison to life’s real troubles.
Controlling what I can offers small reward,
when considered alongside that I cannot.
Trivial things keep me awake at night
whilst the bigger picture is beyond my grasp.
Taking comfort where I can,
satisfies even this meagre penman.
To pay up or move on is the consideration,
to lose my friends is no consideration at all!

©2012 Trevor Litchfield


An idea: Fiction Sofa

An idea: Fiction Sofa

I had this idea about a new blog and now after much thought, it is live.
The idea is a simple one, most of the people that visit my blog are bloggers themselves and most are fiction writers. I know many of you use writers challenges to give you some ideas but also many of you write for the shear pleasure of writing.

This new blog I have started is for you to help you share your fiction and to help others find your blogs. All you have to do is pick your favourite piece of writing, something you have written from the past week, post a link or pingback in the relevant week and hey presto, with a bit of luck, new readers!

Now I know this all seems a rather simple idea but rather than be another writers challenge website, I thought it would be better if you could highlight what you, the author, thinks is your best piece of writing from the past week.

If you fancy joining in, then visit the Fiction Sofa, have a read and enter what you think was your best piece of fiction writing. Weeks run from midnight Sunday to midnight Sunday (GMT) so you have all week to asses your own writing then post a link to it at the Fiction Sofa.

Take a look anyway, then give me your feedback, I want this to be for all readers and writers at all levels, whether it be short fiction, flash fiction or poetry.

I am a Butterfly

Something a bit different tonight. Here is my one and only draft of ‘I am a Butterfly’ for you to view and read (if you can decipher my scribble). A more readable text version appears below.


Original draft copy

I am a butterfly.
You know, the one with bright colours.
The one that passes by your window,
yet you rarely look at me!

I am that painting.
You know, the one of that man.
You recognise it instantly,
yet you can’t remember my name!

I am the cat sitting on the wall.
You know, the one on the way to the bus.
The one you fuss as you pass,
am I a tabby or a ginger tom?

I am the song you sing everyday.
You know, the one that buzzes around your mind.
The one you forget who sings it,
yet you love it all the same.

I am the unnoticed.
You know, me!
The one you never look at,
if only you looked closer.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

Friends, Soul Mates, Lovers.

This is a stream of thoughts, yet there is an inner meaning to these words and yes, it is hoped that a certain person reads this. This is very different from my normal poetry, I hope you like it. I have opened myself for you to discover if you so desire.

Friends, Soul Mates, Lovers.
All require different levels of commitment,
all require different levels of attention.
All but one are missing in this life.

Friends are that most important of acquaintances,
they share things you would not share with the other groups.
They share your desires,your secrets.
They share all the fun things in your life.

They could and often do become one of the others,
yet they will always remain friends first
because they know your desires,
they know your secrets.

Soul Mates, special in every way
yet difficult to describe.
They mean more to you than life itself,
maybe even more than a lover!

They know more than your desires,
they know the innermost you.
The you no one else sees,
the you, you hide from the world.

They understand that innermost you,
they empathise with it,
they compensate for it,
they are the one you never lose, even in parting.

Lovers! The one you give your heart to,
the one that destroys you when they leave.
The one you hope will understand you most
yet invariably, they understand you least.

If a Friend or Soul Mate becomes a lover,
the understanding you once had, is lost.
All reason seems to disappear,
when you become entangled in the bed sheets.

These words may be coming from hard earned lessons,
these remarks might seem jaded.
I would happily give my heart again,
I would like to meet the others first.

To meet a Soul Mate would be my desire,
one I could share the innermost me with.
Learn the innermost them.
Become more than a friend or lover.

I write in secret hope that you discover
these words specifically for you.
I already know what is to come
I already know it will be for life.

I do not ache within, as a lover might.
I know there is no ache within you.
Yet, we both know it will happen
when the time is right.

Soul Mate, if you read this, as I know you may.
I wait patiently, my world awaits you.
When you are ready to share your life with me.
I am ready to share my life with you.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

Sometimes, random stuff comes out!

Kill Bill Volume 1

Image by Jorge Pérez via Flickr

Sometimes, when I’m here on my own, thinking nothing much about anything. I get the urge to write nonsense:

I baked a pizza tonight,
Pepperoni eases my whim.
Watching Kill Bill whilst eating,
Uma Thurman is too thin!

Another thought comes to mind:

Paying yet more bills via the net,
is like something not quite real.
You have your debit card in your hand,
you never part with it, it is not scanned.
Your money disappears down the phone line,
No smiling face from the till operator.
A little sound comes from your inbox,
Thanks for your cash! Don’t forget next month!

I have had most of last week to myself and it appears that I will be keeping myself company next week as well, so:

The joys of music is sweet to my ears,
No television to blot out my world.
Bringing unwanted noises to my mind,
telling news I never wished to know.

Sweet music brings joy to these ears,
soothing my mind as I read my book.
Settled on the sofa, legs akimbo,
This is how my life should be.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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